Precise and distinguished Coating Strength Measurement of Mono-Layers and Multi-Layers

Micro-Slurry-Jet-Erosion (MSE)

The MSE test system allows a very good quantification by physical variables of coating strength evaluation of thin films. Moreover not only individual surfaces and layers can be analysed but the coating strength of each layer of a multi-layer system can be measured. This is possible with hard coatings on top of soft layers as well as soft coatings on top of hard layers.

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Research & Development

  • Thin Films
  • Hard Coatings
  • Optical Coatings
  • Composite Materials
  • Grinding and Cutting Tools
  • Sinter Materials etc.


  • Quality Control of CVD, PVD und other Thin Film Processes

Characteristics of MSE Test

1. Continuous measurement of the distribution of coating strength from surface into depth

2. Coating strength measurement soft layers as well as hard layers, regardless of the characteristics of the substrate

3. Measurement of coating strength of each individual layer of multi-layers

4. Determination of coating thickness of thin films which are difficult to measure or not measurable with other thickness measurement methods.

5. The resolution of MSE Test is 20nm. Many applications where surface und/or coating strength were so far not measurable can now be evaluated by the MSE Test.


Evaluation of Thin Films without damaging the substrate

Evaluation of very soft (rubber) and ultra hard materials (diamont layer coatings)

Continuous measurement of coating strength and coating thicknes of multi-layers

High resolution evaluation (20nm resolution) even of very hard materials

Low time consumption

Improvement of quality control in manufacturing processes

Surface and Coating Strength Measurement



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