Precise and distinguished Evaluation of Surface Strength

Micro-Slurry-Jet-Erosion (MSE)

MSE is completely different than traditional methods, which are based on the measurement of tensile strength, pressure strength, compressive strength, abrasion or scratch resistance. For MSE utilises the erosion force of a micron particle beam as a new reference standard. This novel approach enables scientists and engineers to measure the coating strength from the surface into depth continuously at a resolution in the sub micron range, regardless of hardness or deformablity of the substrate! Consequently MSE delivers outstanding possibilities of quantifying and visualisation of surface and coating strength of very soft as well as ultra hard materials. Therefore MSE breaks new ground for both Research & Development as well as Quality Control.


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Research & Development

  • Thin Films
  • Hard Coatings
  • Optical Coatings
  • Composite Materials
  • Cutting and Grinding Tools
  • Sinter Materials etc.


  • Quality Control of CVD, PVD and other Thin Film Coating Processes



Evaluation of very soft (rubber) to ultra hard surfaces (diamont layer coatings)

Continuous measurement of material strength from surface to depth.

High resolution evaluation (20nm resolution) even of very hard materials

Low time consumption

Improvement of quality control in manufacturing processes

Surface and Coating Strength Measurement



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