Ultrasonic Spray Systems

Coating Systems for Medical, Advanced Energy and Industrial Applications

Wir are official German distributor for Sono-Tek Ultrasonic Spray Coating Systems.


Measurement of Surface Strength

Coating Strength and Coating Thickness Analysis and Evaluation

Surface treated materials get more and more popular in manufacturing of high quality and advanced products. Thin film technology is a key factor in this development. Today thin films are incorporated not only in metal processing but also in plastics, films, coatings, surface treatments and many other fields. The development in thin film technology has great momentum, especially in the nano field. Compared to this fast development, the development in surface and coating strength and thickness measurement has been far behind. Especially the evaluation of mechanical strength of surfaces of soft substrates and/or multi-layers has been very challenging. The completely advanced MSE (Micro-Slurry-Jet-Erosion) Test System has been developed for these kind of applications in 10 years of R&D at the Fukui University in Japan.

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